Question: Do we give Farm Tours?

Answer: Mill Farms is often asked if we give farm tours. It is understandable that folks would want to see our lovely birds ‘up close and personal’. They are animated and they love people. We love people and we love our ducks but the short answer is: NO.

We do not and cannot give farm tours.

There are several reasons for this. The following has been taken from the website of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency regarding Biosecurity practices. If you have a special inquiry, please ask us. We respond to emails, texts or phone calls.

Biosecurity practices include:
• Protecting poultry feed and water from coming into contact with wild birds - particularly ducks and other wild waterfowl.
• Controlling the movement of people, live birds, equipment and vehicles on to, and off of, the farm.
• Routinely and frequently watching for signs of disease. Early detection is crucial to limiting the severity of an outbreak. Early signs may include behavioural changes.

However, if you visit us on our website, at you will see professional pictures and video clips of many of our birds. Special thanks to JoeRos Art and Photography who has carefully worked with us to achieve this look for you to enjoy.