Duck Meat

To our valued customers:  we are sorry we do not currently have any roasting ducks available for Thanksgiving.  Please check with us again soon.  Because of you, we’re growing again.


Mill Bay Farms


Mill Bay Farms has available freshly processed ducks. These ducks are fed quality feed that contains No Antibiotics and is Non GMO.

Throughout the day, the ducks can forage to their heart’s content, have feed and water and swimming opportunities whenever they want it. As an added treat, they also eat fruit and greens regularly, which of course, they love.

Contact the Community Farm Store in Duncan or Sweet Meadows Farm Market in Mill Bay for best selection.

What is Duck Meat like: Duck meat is considered a dark meat, rich in vitamins, minerals and protein and contains a higher level of iron than other poultry.

It’s flavour can be described as robust with an succulent texture. A whole duck can be roasted whole or halved as is needed. Barbeque lovers report they are ideal for the barbeque.

The skin of a duck can be higher in cholesterol so if that is a concern for you, you will discover it can be easily removed, along with the layer of fat found just under it.

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