About Our Farm 

A Family Run Farm in

Mill Bay BC Canada Since 2015

Mill Bay Farms is a small two-generational farm located on the north side of Mill Bay in the beautiful South Cowichan Valley and purchased by the Hyde family in 2015. This property had not been actively farmed for several decades. The previous owners had owned it since 1967 raising their family and operating their business. The property is a well-known landmark being the site of the former Island Go-Karts and Amusements, operations which began in the early 1970’s.

In 2015, the new owners put forth a proposal to the CVRD that this property should be placed on their Heritage Registry, which was being established at the time. The CVRD investigated the reasoning behind the proposal and agreed that this site is a Site of Historic Significance, as it was an Entertainment Hub in the Cowichan Valley for a number of years, and enjoyed by countless families with their children, both locals and tourists alike. The present-day owners are working on acquiring pictures of past activities so that a Historic Sign can be erected in the near future.

The Hyde family initiated the first phase of farm operations when they welcomed three adult ducks in the fall of 2015. In the Spring of 2016, 15 ducklings consisting of Welsh Harlequins, Indian Runners and Khaki Campbells joined the flock. These girls spend their days mainly foraging in the pastures or frolicking in their pools. They are friendly, impish and escape artists.
Fresh on the heels of this young hatch, the Hydes ordered up a whole heap with Pekins, both males and females. Right from the very first day, they were very different in nature from the original girls, but they are big, bold and beautiful.

So with many, many lovely ducks in our pastures, we are already enjoying lots and lots of delicious, non-GMO, free-range duck eggs; good food for good folks.