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Mill Bay Farms is a small two-generational farm located on the north side of Mill Bay in the beautiful South Cowichan Valley and purchased by the Hyde family in 2015.

$3 · Pekin Ducklings Sizzling Summer Splash Special:

Mill Bay Farms thanks our many clients and friends in the farming community for your solid support these last 7 years. To celebrate, we invite you to join in our Sizzling Summer Splash Special now in effect.

Featuring our lowest duckling prices of the season; sold in quantities of 5, price is $3. ea. Pekin hatching continuing weekly until late September.

With these seasonal prices, it is easy for anyone to enjoy the thrill of owning and raising baby ducklings into adulthood.  Pick up can be arranged from the farm.  Text, call or email for more details 250 701 2036

Dear friends (Updates):

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) confirmed April 24, 2022, that the laboratory results for the premises of concern as of April 21, 2022, have come back negative for the highly pathogenic H5 and H7 avian influenza virus.

Although this sample has come back negative for H5 and H7 avian influenza virus, the ministry continues to encourage bird owners to take proactive steps to protect both people and birds.

More information about avian influenza and the Ministry’s and CFIA’s response is available: **Avian Influenza (gov.bc.ca) or
Avian influenza (bird flu) – Canadian Food Inspection Agency (canada.ca)

Dear friends:

On April 22, at 11:55am, Mill Bay Farms was contacted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Emergency Operations Centre regarding a poultry farm in the South Cowichan who had a bird that was showing symptons of the avian flu.

They called it a ‘head’s up’ contact. Perhaps some of you also received a contact from them as well. From their email, we list below some Biosecurity Measures that one could implement.

We have implement these and added a couple of others such as, spraying with Virkon anything that rolls or has 5 fingers.

Visitors are also restricted from our farm as a means to prevent this flu on our premises. We are not aware of the farm where this outbreak is suspected because the Ministry of Ag. does not share this info until it is confirmed.
Enhanced Biosecurity Measures
• Where possible eliminate interactions between your flock and wild birds by keeping them indoors.  We encourage producers to keep birds indoors unless animal health and welfare cannot be maintained indoors for an extended period of time.
• Remove wild bird attractants from your property, including bird feeders and water baths
• Don’t visit neighbours flocks or allow visitors near your flock
• Have designated footwear when working with your flock and use a disinfectant bath before entering areas where birds run
• Don’t lend out or borrow equipment.  If unavoidable be sure to remove all manure and dirt and disinfect them before using them around your flock
Thank you all for your understanding.
Thomas Hyde
Pauline Hyde

Our Story  

Mill Bay Farms is a small two-generational farm located on the north side of Mill Bay in the beautiful South Cowichan Valley and purchased by the Hyde family in 2015. This property had not been actively farmed for several decades. The previous owners had owned it since 1967 raising their family and operating their business. The property is a well-known landmark being the site of the former Island Go-Karts and Amusements, operations which began in the early 1970’s.

Duck eggs


Duck eggs are typically larger than chicken eggs; they vary a bit in size but are usually around 50 percent larger than your standard jumbo chicken egg. They can come in all sorts of colors, varying mostly by breed

Pekin ducklings

We’re excited to announce that we are planning a hatch of Pekin ducks March 4, 2022; ducklings should be ready to go March 5 or 6. Selling $7.50 ea.; with a minimum of 2; ducklings are sold unsexed; orders over 10 are $7 ea.; phone 250 701 2036 for more info; payment is by Etransfer to this phone # 250 701 2036 or email info@millbayfarms.ca

Mill Bay Farms Ducklings

Duck Meat


To our valued customers:  we are sorry we do not currently have any roasting ducks available for Thanksgiving.  Please check with us again soon.  Because of you, we’re growing again.

Mill Bay Farms has available freshly processed ducks. These ducks are fed quality feed that contains No Antibiotics and is Non GMO.

Where to Buy


Responding to numerous requests, Mill Bay Farms announces that our fresh and nutritious Duck Eggs are now available for purchase at our Farm Store operation here at Mill Bay Farms, as well as select retail outlets.

How does one arrange for pre-orders and pick up?

1) Please contact us by phone or text 250 701 2036 for questions, availability and pre-orders;
2) We will have your order ready and waiting for you.
3) Arrivals are requested to wait in your vehicle and someone will be right out to serve.

When available stock permits, our duck eggs/meat can be found at the following fine retail outlets:

The Community Farm Store, (main outlet) 5380 Trans Canada Hwy, Duncan, 250-748-6227 (eggs/meat)

Pepper’s Foods 3829 Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria, British Columbia, V8N 4O1 Phone: (250) 477-6513 (eggs)

Bouma Meats, 416 – 1st Ave., Ladysmith. 250 245 8131 (eggs/meat)


Question: Do we give Farm Tours?

Answer: Mill Farms is often asked if we give farm tours. It is understandable that folks would want to see our lovely birds ‘up close and personal’. They are animated and they love people. We love people and we love our ducks but the short answer is: NO.

We do not and cannot give farm tours.

There are several reasons for this. The following has been taken from the website of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency regarding Biosecurity practices. If you have a special inquiry, please ask us. We respond to emails, texts or phone calls.

Biosecurity practices include:
• Protecting poultry feed and water from coming into contact with wild birds – particularly ducks and other wild waterfowl.
• Controlling the movement of people, live birds, equipment and vehicles on to, and off of, the farm.
• Routinely and frequently watching for signs of disease. Early detection is crucial to limiting the severity of an outbreak. Early signs may include behavioural changes.

However, if you visit us on our website, at www.MillBayFarms.ca you will see professional pictures and video clips of many of our birds. Special thanks to JoeRos Art and Photography who has carefully worked with us to achieve this look for you to enjoy.

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